Paula HolmesEber's "Daughters of Tunis Women, Family and Networks in a Muslim City" - Book Report/Review Example

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Paula HolmesEber's "Daughters of Tunis Women, Family and Networks in a Muslim City"

A particular system or a process is being introduced by Holmes through this study; this is a notional system under which the women along with their social relationships and networks neighbors and relatives and friends manipulate these aspects to created their own experiences and senses in their respective imaginations of immigration status, economic well being, politics, religion and culture. Serving to scatter stereotypes and traditions that have been shaped by the American majority medium about the Muslim women and the Arab Muslim world in common, their telling opinions aid us in accepting a multifaceted civilization.
Interviews and observations both replicable and comparative are the key aspects on which the fundamentals of the ethnographical research of Holmes Eber about the women's community in the city of Tunis are based on (p.10). The major part of the collection of statistical data carrying out of observation and interviews was done mainly between the years 1986 and 1987and later in 1993. ...
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The ethnographic study of Holmes Eber is innovative, informative and balanced, which is reflective of the precedent damage ascribed to the Western collective knowledge study on non-Western customs leading to in deceptive and formulaic results. Its modernism lies in narrations being brought to existence by the interactional association between the researcher and respondent as her research is founded on discussion and examination…
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