Breakthrough in Airline Industry

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The proposed thesis shall examine the increasing use of customer relationship management (CRM) in the airline industry, which is currently beleaguered by soaring oil prices, rising global inflation and interest rates, instability in currency exchange rates and the overall slowdown of the global economy.


Two successful companies are proposed as case study samples for the survey and extensive person-to-person interviews, namely, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. In addition, two other profit-taking companies, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, shall serve as subjects of secondary interest as the thesis looks into their CRM practice by requesting them through e-mail or fax to fill up a questionnaire on the topic. If feasible, the proposed research shall locate any remaining office or persons that can speak for the failed Oasis Airlines, which is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. Learning about the CRM techniques of both a successful and a collapsed airline is valuable to the proposed thesis since it will enable us to evaluate which process is more effective and useful.
Whilst one airline after another goes out of business or on the edge of bankruptcy, a handful of airlines continue to operate profitably as if no crisis assails the industry at all. The most prominent of these successful airlines are Southwest Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines and EasyJet. ...
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