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Communicating collective identities (business and marketing)

This paper basically examines that what makes brands great, but first it is beneficial for every organization or company to briefly review the evaluation and the valuation approaches. Most of the brand owners today rely on the marketing-oriented measure like esteem and awareness (Chernatony, 2006, pp. 300-318).
As a result of the brand evaluation by using the KPI or also by using the scoring system the company can also determine the value of the brand equity whether the current or the future which is compared to their short-term or to their long-term objectives. The evaluation is the important term for every brand owner and also for every company because it is only with the help of evaluation it takes the brand owner through many aspects with the help of which the brands now gives and constitutes the sound advice on strategically developing their brand. On the other hand it also gives the practical guidance on how the brand owner can implement their brand strategy.
There are some unintended consequences of the branded communication at the social as well as at the cultural level. ...
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Evaluation is generally defined as a methodological area which is closely related to but also distinguishable from different traditional social researches. Evaluation on the other hand also utilizes many of the methodologies which are of same kind used in the traditional social research, but because of this evaluation takes place within the organizational and political context, it therefore requires group skills, political dexterity, management ability, sensitivity in order to multiple the stakeholders and many other skills that the social research generally does not rely on other issues as much.
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