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Tennis Elbow - Essay Example

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Tennis elbow is likewise observed in individuals who lift a lot at the elbow and who usually do tedious wrist movements. Tennis elbow is now commonly being referred to as tennis epicondylosis, discarding the "itis" suffix, due to the absence of pathological evidence behind the inflammation (Servier and Wilson, 375 and Xplain, 1).
The muscles responsible for straightening the fingers and wrist originate from a small bone protrusion on the outer part of the elbow. The pain brought about by lateral epicondylitis is focused on this side of the elbow, from which it might gradually spread through the upper arm and the outer region of the forearm. The soreness is especially felt around the projection if the outer side of the elbow is strained and if the wrist is bent upwards against opposing force. The pain may be occasionally felt farther in the hand while grasping. Once the elbow tendons are inflamed, the tissues would hardly heal by themselves since they are frequently used when the hand grasps or is utilized in daily activities (Conway, 43).
Tennis elbow affects both men and women, and is more common to those at the age of 40 and above. The acute type of the injury is commonly observed in active, young athletes while the chronic form exists in older individuals (Brown, 267).
A case study involving an individual suffering from tennis elbow was done and will be presented in this paper. The anatomy and causes of the injury were examined; and available treatments were compared based on their efficiency and advantages.

Case Report

A 50-year old man, fond of playing tennis as recreation, suffered from tennis elbow on his right arm that had been persistent for five months after a tournament. The patient was no longer capable of playing tennis. He already resorted to physical therapy wherein he attended twelve sessions for one and a half months, but his condition appeared to lack significant improvement. The patient was administered cortisone as part of the treatment but the medication provided only minimal comfort and temporary relief. After being injected with the therapeutic drug, he was able to play tennis again with his elbow brace or strap to provide support. However, the temporary comfort lasted for only two weeks. The symptoms eventually returned and the patient described the damage to be his worst experienced pain.

Anatomy Involved in the Injury

The muscles important in elbow function are the biceps, triceps, wrist flexors attached to the medial epicondyle, and wrist extensors which are connected to the lateral epicondyle (Thomas and others, 459).

Bones and Joints
The main bones of the elbow are that of the upper arm and the forearm. The elbow joint has a complex mechanism of movement. The end of the radius bone at the elbow can be characterized as a knob with a cup. It is smooth enough to allow gliding of the edges with the bone ulna (Servier and Wilson, 376).
The elbow is the joint that helps bend the arm and rotate the wrist. It is composed of the humerus or the bone of the upper arm, and the radius and ulna which comprise the forearm. These bones are moved at the joints with the aid of muscles, which are in turn attached to the bones by tissues collectively known as tendons. ...Show more


Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition characterized by weakness and pain of the elbow. The backhand swing in the sport can lead to tennis elbow when much pressure is applied on the elbow's muscles. Tennis athletes with harder attacks and stronger serves experience progressive pain after at least ten to twenty hits…
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Tennis Elbow
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