Search desktop computers suitable for Quarkxpress and Pagemaker

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The management with its vision of establishing a firm position in the competing advertising industry is now on a full effort of upgrading its facilities and conducting trainings to its staff.


The name of the members of the team and its assigned task appears below:Miss Jane Lumantas, System Administrator together with Mr. Joel Mar Escudero, and Mrs. Shiella Michelle Pino submitted a report for the recommended computer specification that would fit the applications QuarkXpress and Pagemaker. This was based on the intensive study of the two applications.No computer with specifications lower than the recommended specifications shall be purchased. This will be strictly followed to prevent future ineffectivity that might result from using the lower specs computers.To ensure the purchase is worth the price, we need to contact various computer stores for price comparison, support services like warranty period and training, freebies items. Comparison shall be presented on graph and each item will be provided with detailed explanation which will be the basis for choosing how, where, and when the purchase will be done. ...
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