Viual Aid and Gantt Chart

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In recent year, many buinee have focued on three prioritie - cot, quality, and cycle time - in order to become world-cla companie (rikandarajah et al., 1998; Percy et al., 1997). It i trongly believed that thee three prioritie would make their buinee more competitive at the international market, thu, leading to improved profit generation.


For large organization, the focu i uually on improving the maintenance activitie uch that minimum amount of fund are expended (Anily et al., 1999; Alfare, 1999; Burke and mith, 1999a, b).
The high cot of breakdown maintenance could be unbearable uch that the need for preventive maintenance become obviou. The afety of equipment and employee i improved by preventive maintenance ervice. Thi ha ignificant impact on the production proce. Reaching maximum plant availability through minimal delay and breakdown and optimal equipment working condition reduce or eliminate the need for ubcontracting ome apect of the job (Chen and Liao, 2005; Cheung et al., 2005). Thi ha a reducing effect on the uually large maintenance budget of many organization. Maintenance cheduling i uually baed on preventive maintenance activitie (Oke, 2004). In an organization where a large number of equipment are operated, preventive maintenance cheduling offer a mean of achieving continuou indutrial operation without which ytem utenance would be extremely difficult. ince the cot of implementing preventive maintenance cheduling i more economical than that of replacing broken down equipment, in the long term, it i more economical to implement thi maintenance option.
ound maintenance cheduling i indipenable for high maintenance performance, which in turn facilitate the production pr ...
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