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Does physical location impact collaboration between groups

People from one PC could connect to any other who is in any part of the world with one of the medium called as Net Meeting which is provided by the Microsoft.
CMC (Computer mediated Communications) which is in short for communications takes place between people through supported media which can either be audio/video conferencing, emails, chat rooms etc. In a global scale this technology helps organizations to gain competitive advantage as they respond to the customers needs quickly. There have been a number of researchers that has been going on to make a break through in this particular area. Usually, GSS (Group Support Systems), and groupware represent trends in practical collaboration that have fulfilled the demands.
A large number of people who have been using the internet as a tool for communication, over the last few decades have faced a significant change and have been a considerable growth as well. A speculation is been carried out whether having to attend a meeting in person is as important as it is in the virtual world in a group.
The issues that are occurring when 2 different technologies communicate with each other are emphasized here. ...
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This article emphasizes whether doing a particular task together is more productive or when located at different destinations in virtual environment. CMC and GSS is initially introduced and then later an overview of AST (adaptive structuration theory) which is used to analyse the data from 2003 that involves students from New Zealand and Sweden…
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