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Essay example - Expatriates and the problems associated with international diemensions

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Expatriates and the problems associated with their engagement are viewed as critical factors in many of the international organizations. As per Dr. Alastair Macfarlane (2005) while the researchers have been concentrating on the personality characteristics of the expatriate employees there is the need to consider certain additional factors to ensure expatriate success…

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The interpersonal relationships with the host country staff and cultural differences in the working environment in the foreign location also pose a problem for the expatriates to function at their best. Thus the consideration of several critical contextual, situational, cultural and economic factors relating to expatriation both from the perspective of the host country as well as the parent country is of vital importance to ensure an efficient expatriate performance. On the basis of the feedbacks for the Emaill Survey received from the current and previous expatriate employees of Officecomm, this paper presents a detailed report on the HR problems and issues concerning the expatriate employees. The paper also makes certain recommendations for the improvement of the expatriate employee performance based by reducing the impact of these issues on the analysis of the feedbacks.
Black (1988) opines that "International assignments create significant demands that often exceed the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the expatriate" The expatriate's assumptions regarding the social interactions both in the workplace as well as with outsiders do not hold any real grou ...
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