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Essay example - The Melinder Recycling Company

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The question I am answering concerns Milinder Recycling Company's problem with new hires and the extremely high turnover rate. There are a variety of reasons for the high turnover rate and some of those reasons include the poor leadership, the weak communication between management and employees, the obsolete IT infrastructure and the substantial debt accrued to open new markets.

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If this statement is true, then at the beginning of the relationship, the expected standards should be set and communicated to the employee by the manager. In Milinder's situation some of the managers may be lacking in their communication skills and therefore may not be communicating the job requirements and expectations at the initial hiring of the candidate.
One solution to the lack of experience by the managers is an intense and ongoing training program. The managers need further training in how to communicate their expectations to the new hires.. Milinder's managers need training in communication but also in the hiring process.
"When it is difficult to recruit candidates and there is pressure to fill a job quickly, managers often lower their job qualifications and assume a high risk by hiring marginal candidates." (Roseman, 1981, pg 79).
It was nice that you established the fact that some of the managers had been promoted from within and that the ensuing poor leadership was one of the primary reasons why the company was experiencing high turnover. You even touched on a solution. ...
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