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In the event of initiating a major revamp of existing organizational culture at FMC, as discussed earlier, close attention must be paid to addressing those employee concerns that are directly and visibly affected by any transformation put in place.


While Aberdeen has the mindset of a modern, intelligent organization seeking to enhance continuous learning opportunities for its employees so that they too grow flexibly with the ever-changing needs of the market, Green River persists in a strictly role-based model offering little room for career enhancement, and instead, plenty of room for employee discontent.
In such a scenario, redesigning job descriptions can go a long way in boosting employee motivation. Each employee has areas of strength and weakness; it is apparent that Green River's hierarchical structure doesn't encourage constructive dialogue so needed to enable people to break away from hesitations, and talk freely about their favorite interests concerning the job. An organization's woes begin when a person is stuck at the wrong role, and can't facilitate enough interaction to undergo a change. E.g. an employee endowed with a flair for marketing will find a technical role nothing short of drudgery, and vice versa. It is very important for Green River to recognize these symptoms before it is too late. ...
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