Audiovisuals MaterialsTechnologies Used To Help Students With Learning Disabilities And How Are These Students Incorporated Into The Regular Classroom.

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Students with learning disabilities are more often integrated with students in regular classes. This is probably done to help students with special needs get used to the pace and manner of teaching in spite of their incapacities and to let regular students be aware of the presence of such students.


However, special attention and different teaching strategies should be employed by the teachers for this system to be effective.
Students with learning disabilities have strengths and weaknesses that affect their learning. For teachers to be successful, they need to identify these points. Upon identifying these strengths and weaknesses, the teachers should work to enhance the students' skills and work to improve on the students' weak points. (Alberta Education , 2002)
Teachers can start by guiding their students using an organized system. Teachers are encouraged to pay special attention and give extra time to such students for a certain period of time and slowly adjust the intensity or level of guidance according to the progress made by the student. This should be done until such time that the student can work independently. (Alberta Education , 2002)
There are a variety of approaches that teachers can employ in teaching students. These approaches are like tools or strategies that will help the teachers in making the challenging task of imparting knowledge to these special students a lot easier. Students will also experience the benefits of the learning experience with the aid of such strategies.
Professionals in the field of education are constantly doing research and looking for ways to improve the systems of ...
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