Computer Information System

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In the world right now where technology has taken great leaps to reach a height that was never expected the use of computers in every business has almost become a necessity. Organizations operating across the globe find it important to use databases and huge computer networks to link their work around the world.


Organizations can't survive with working in international markets with out the help of databases and computers. In an environment where competition is tough they need to carry on communications with the help of computers and keep records on databases.
As more and more people turn towards environment friendly products due to awareness, organizations are compelled to turn their attention towards product of the kind that are environment friendly. Organizations got to know about this by the help of databases that showed these trends according to the records.
The most important use of databases in business is to keep a track record of history about the business. This not only helps in formulating strategies by studying the past trends but also helps executives in making important decisions that are related to the organizations. A database keeps the record in relevance to its dependency and gives results that are used to deduce conclusion as to why and how something happened. For example a drop in sales due to the packing of a product might be missed by a manager, but the database can easily point it out by showing that the drop in sales started as soon as the packaging of the product was changed.
As I mentioned above the reasons for using databases to conduct day-to-day operations of a business, the same case is in my organization. ...
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