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Case Study example - Crown Cork Seal Company

Case Study
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SWOT Analysis is a technique that is used to understand the strengths, weakneses, opportunities and threats that an organization may be facing. The importance of this kind of analysis is that it helps an organization to discover opportunities that it can exploit in order to increase its sales returns…

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The strength of the Crown Cork Seal Company had appointed a leader known as McManus who was energetic and made rate of returns of the company to increase as it had previously suffered from heavy losses due to loss of patents. John Connell instituted the aspect of accountability through ensuring that its managers took control of all activities of the company in the right way .It also provided quality goods and served the customers in the right way (Bacon 102).
The major weaknesses of the company were; reduction of patents for producing bottle caps for manufactures of soft drinks and brewing companies that lead to stiff competition from competitors in the industry. In April 1957, Bank Trust Company stated that it would not led it any more credit to run its operations thus was at the verge of bankruptcy.
The company realized its opportunities through abandoning its paternalistic culture where the structure of the company was well made to accommodate the ideas of its employees in order to improve on its performance. John Connell set up strategies aimed at reducing the amount of debts through paying bank its debt by reducing its inventory and closing some of its plants that were not generating any income to the organization. ...
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