Relations Between Globalization and Migration - Essay Example

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Relations Between Globalization and Migration

The research project will collect data from the secondary sources and analyze the data according in order to come up with a conclusion.
Globalization is referred to as the increasing integration and interaction of countries which has seen the decreasing significance of national borders. It is an economic, cultural, political, and environmental integration but there has been more focus on the economic integrations. Globalization and migration have been shown to be two of the most dynamic global socio-political trends in the present world. They are both highly interacted in the sense that one drives the other. Globalization has been shown to have an effect on the current migration situation in the world and has created conditions and situations which are increasing the pressure and creating a desire for migration. It is estimated that there are about 150 million people who live outside their containers in the world and how have been forced out of their homes due to economic consequences that have been created by the globalised economy. It has been shown that as s result of the increase rate for migration, there has been pressure that has been exerted on some areas which are thought to have economic viability as compared to others. ...
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This project will look into the relationship between globalization and migration with a special focus to the Caribbean region. The objective of the people will be to look at the impact of globalization in the Caribbean Sugar and banana industries and how the wave has influenced other sectors in the economy of the Caribbean region…
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