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Supply chain management is that genre of management that deals with the activities ranging from procurement to allocation, distribution and final utilisation of the resources so as to find any deviations that may have resulted in faulty use and correct the same to promote optimum utilisation of resources.


Some of the books will be Supply Chain Management: In theory and Practice, by Birgit Dam Jespersen
and Tage Skjtt-Larsen, as well as another book called Supply Chain Management: Concepts and Cases, by Rahul V Altekar. While the first book discusses the basics that form the conception of supply chain management, the second book discusses various cases that help demonstrate the elements of this concept in a better way.
Further, the journal articles will focus on the work produced by the Supply Chain Management Professionals, so as to gain an insight into this area of operational significance in the organisation. These journal articles will include Coordinated Supply Chain Management by D. J Thomas and P. M Griffin, for the European Journal of Operational Research. Apart from such articles, there will be a strong focus on Internet sources like www.bettermanagement.com which describes various strategies as well as business policies that support systems like supply chain management and knowledge management.
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