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Advanced Networking

The huge size of the organisation can be guessed by its year 2007 volume of credit and debit card transactions which grossed to 4 billion.The organisation is looking for evaluation and strategies to improve grey in the fields of Fault management, Configuration Management, Network management, Security Management and Account Management. Finally, the organisation is interested in developing a network Management tool to automate & simplify the areas mentioned before. This paper attempts to provide a strategic solution in all the areas of Fault management, Configuration Management, Network management, Security Management and Account Management.Fault Management is defined as the process of monitoring, identifying, correcting the errors in any system. The Fault management is of two types - Passive and Active. The Passive fault management is also knows the breakdown management as in this case the designated person or system does not work towards correcting the fault until the system has broken down.In case of the active fault management, the complete system is monitored by an automated system which keeps on checking all the network connections and keeps sending the report to an operator. The operator, through a set of parameter values, determines if the values are in "safe" range else the remedial action can be taken before the breakdown of the system happens. ...
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XYZ is a European organisation which has a leadership position in the field of payment processing, relationship management, e-services etc. It has a multi-tiered complex Information Technology system …
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