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Essay example - power point presentation about Firewall Technologies

High school
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The wide popularity and usage of the internet technology in a global scale necessitates the creation of a system which ensures security within a network. It should be noted that the internal networks within a business organization is often considered secure because of the high level of trust between the computers in the network especially if this is private…

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These threats lead to the creation of the firewall technology in order to protect a computer or network of computer which is connecting to the internet.
A firewall is defined as a "computer, router, or other communication device that filters access to the protected network" (Abie 2000). Thus, it gives the implication about the main tasks of a firewall. Accordingly, a firewall inspects traffic network passing through it and is responsible for permitting or denying access. In addition, Cheswick and Bellovin specifies certain processes which characterizes a firewall which include: "all traffic from inside to outside, and vice-versa, must past through it; only authorized traffic, as defined by the local security policy, is allowed to pass through it; and the firewall itself is immune to penetration" (Abie 2000). In summary, a firewall serves as a filter allowing the access of a trusted network and rejecting "untrusted" ones.
The emergence of firewall technology occurs during 1980s far before the internet has gained popularity in global users. ...
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