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Gender and Communication

According to her, sex differences in the modern society replicate and dole out the principle of "survival of the fittest" as demonstrated by Darwin. The utility of the book in serving the purpose of feminist thinking is various and it is a well-timed book,as the gender roles on contemporary campus are conflictedandoften contentious. The ultimate value of the book is its message to the students: "What genderandculturewill mean in the future is up to you."(Wood, 1995, p. 310) One of the most corresponding questions the present genderandcultureissue relates to theEqual Rights Amendment(ERA) and the question is if the once unsuccessful proposed amendment to theUS Constitution needs to be passed. It is most significant to ensure the equal rights to men and women in the modern world which gives foremost role to feminist ideas and in particular in America, the leading civilized nation of the day.
The value of passing the Equal Rights Amendment(ERA) would have been far reaching as it sounds the material, pragmatic consequences of how women and men live, work, and interact, apart from being symbolic in nature. ...
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In the modern world of socially and culturally high men and women, there is no other question that earned more public attention and debate than the question concerning gender equality. The cause of woman has been the prime motive of every civilized society ever from the beginning of feminist thought and every modern society gives ample reference to the need for equal rights of women along with men…
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