Exploring the role of nurse educators

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Nursing has been for long respected by each and every human being. The profession gets so much respect that it deserves utmost care by the nurses to maintain the respect and regard that the profession has received for so many years. With so much at stake, nurse educators have tough task on hand to provide nurses for the development of nation's health care industry.


Nurse educators design, implement, evaluate and revise the academic and continuing curriculum for educating nurses. Various views and opinions of research scholars have been presented to outline the role of nurse educators in the development of health care industry. Grounded theory is used to analyze the data from three hospitals and universities after collecting data from nurse educators, managers and word preceptors. The research proposal also presents the total time consumable for the research along with the expenditure.
The Nursing profession has long been long revered by society as it touches on a very important and sensitive aspect of living and that is none other than health care. Other than doctors, nurses are the one who we entrust our body with and the word 'nursing' itself connotes caring and giving comfort. Nurses serve in the front line against diseases and maladies and it is in this regard that they have earned the admiration and respect that we see society give to them today. It becomes imperative, therefore, that nurses be educated in a way that will make them effective and functional in a rapidly changing health care environment. The responsibility falls upon the unsung heroes called the Nurse Educators.
Nurse educators are those in the academia and clinical settings who persevere to educate future nurses and at the same ...
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