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Vampires: The desire for family, sex and relationships

culture. "philosophizing was always a kind of vampirism" --Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science There is a recurring dream, a nightmare, in the unconscious of these white United States. It is a dream of passion, violence, transgression, invasion--and all the perverse titillation that these bring. It is also a dream of power, violation and purity, of strict and rigid and obsessive fascination with boundaries. It frightens, infuriates, traps or protects us according to the bodies and subject positions we inhabit within this cultural symbolic. Stirring the worst anxieties of some of the nastiest parts of U.S. history, it is a nightmare rarely mentioned but always circulating, rarely noticed but always present. It boils and bubbles just below the surface, silently but perpetually, shaping that surface without itself surfacing. The nightmare is the scene of the black rapist, particularly of the black male raping a white girl. It is the nightmare that convicts Bigger Thomas, the alleged black rapist of Richard Wright's Native Son (1940).. ...
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'Drawing on several feminist and anti-racist theorists, I use the trope of the vampire to unravel how whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality feed on the same set of disavowals-of the body, of the Other, of fluidity, of dependency itself…
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