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Trade Legislation of Russia

Business is allowed to take the form of sole proprietorship or an enterprise in any other case businesses are required to create a foundation agreement which defines the nature of the relationship and the roles of the participants.
Republic of Hungary is a Central European country bordered by Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia. Its capital is Budapest and has a population of approximately 10 million. Its currency is the Forint with and exchange rate of 269.43 Hungarian forint equal to one Euro.
The government type in Hungary is Republican. The resignation of the Hungarian prime minister earlier this year caused uncertainty in the political situation of the country. The president is the head of state and the prime minister heads the governments. There is a National Assembly which makes up the legislative set up and they Supreme and Constitutional court which make up the judicial system.
Hungary was also affected by the global economic crisis and the country's debt levels have been on the rise. ...
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The legal trade legislation of Russia sates that foreign investors can be foreign or legal persona, foreign citizen, Russian citizens residing abroad, foreign states and international organizations. It also states that all kinds of material assets and intellectual property invested by foreign investors for the purpose of profit can be used as property for foreign investments.
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