Weighted-Average Cost of Capital and Capital Structure.

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These days the world community is fast coming to terms with the recessionary trends in almost all sectors. The corporate world is under severe pressure to cut costs and do justice with the existing workforce.


Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is a fundamental approach towards making the capital structure the most advantageous for the company. No doubt companies might have undertaken such exercise many a times in the past, but the manner in which the industry is experiencing the pressure in today's context, makes it all the more necessary for the companies to have a relook at some of the policies and procedures for calculating the WACC. Therefore, this study is an effort to analyze the procedures adopted for calculating the weighted average cost and how companies make use of such calculations in arriving at sound financial decisions for their investment plans.

Managers are supposed to make strategic moves on the basis of both external and internal analysis. They have to control costs and manage money for the ongoing operations as well as for the futuristic investments. This could be in the form of preparing or reviewing budgets, expense reports, or travel authorizations. It may be cash management or sales management. For financial management, markets and environments are assessed. Internally, operating and financial capabilities of the company/ organization are analyzed by using the hard facts, i.e. the financial statements, budgets etc. ...
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