Air Pollution in America

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In this paper, it will be discussed that the Raponos's plans had a negative effect on the environment , which particular involves the wetlands. The paper will also prove their plans went against the Clean Air Act while others believe it did not. Furthermore, this paper will bring a debate between the court's decision and the United States' position.


This is due to the fact as time goes by, people breathe in so many things that can be considered liter of air.
In the course of a day, we breathe 5,000 to 15,000 liters of air. With each breath, we inhale life-sustaining oxygen, which is absorbed in our lungs and carried throughout our body. Air also contains pollutants, including pollen, microbes, particles such as soot and dust, and gases such as carbon monoxide-substances that can harm the human body. Contact with these harmful substances, which are filtered through the lungs and can also irritate the eyes and skin, triggers several defense mechanisms such as coughing, sneezing, and the production of secretions. When these defense mechanisms are overwhelmed, human tissue is damaged or destroyed. Chronic or severe exposure may hasten the onset and progression of disease and even result in death (Myer, p.43).
Even though this study would have been conducted in other countries, almost all the world's countries and their people possess unifying attributes that make them distinct and unmistakable for any other nationality, race, culture and language. ...
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