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Relations between the health care professionals and the patients - Essay Example

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The mutual trust is the basis of relation between the health care professional and the patients. The patients have the right to decide whether they should undergo a treatment or not. The healthcare professionals should respect the autonomy of the patients…

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Relations between the health care professionals and the patients

"By definition informed consent is voluntarily obtained from a competent patient who is aware of the alternatives, risks and benefits." (Kuehl, A. 2002) The most important factor for legal acceptability of consent is that the patient must be able to understand and remember the information given to him. The patient must have the emotional capacity to understand the information given to him. The patient's competence depends on various factors like age, educational status and the circumstances for obtaining the consent. So there arise lots of issues on informed consent. "The real enemy of proper informed consent in medicine is not the inability of adult patients to engage in the process. Rather it is insufficient resources to train clinicians to communicate more successfully with their patients and inadequate staff to allow enough available time for this essential communication to occur." (Doyal, L.2002)
"1. Any person who is eighteen years of age or older, or is the parent of a child or has married, may give effective consent for medical, dental, health and hospital services for himself or herself, and the consent of no other person shall be necessary.
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