Savior Siblings

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Creating a life to save a life is a concept that gives rise to the term "savior siblings" referring to those children unto whom conception is to some extent motivated as a result of the parents desire to get human stem cells so as to make treatment available to a life child suffering from a life-threatening sickness.


This may involve: pursuing parenthood through adoption and foregoing conceiving children who have blood ties, applying a collaborative reproductive procedure e.g. surrogacy or donation of an egg, embryo or sperm with a parent who is free of the genetic illness being the child's genetic parent, following conception women may undertake pre natal diagnosis i.e. PND though the procedure involved has an inherent risk and also raises a challenge in the decision as to whether to terminate the a pregnancy of a fetus which is affected. PND is recognized and a number of women have continually ended pregnancies in their effort to conceive a child with no genetic illness under debate.
PGD/embryo screening has the merit that it informs a woman whether her baby is affected or not with the genetic problem In question or under test during her initial stages of her pregnancy; this enables the said woman to make an informed decision as to whether to terminate or continue with the pregnancy. As such, owing to the ethical, psychological and physical reasons, PGD option is more preferred to PND/fetal screening.
The initial PGD application was reported in 1989 and so far it is applied as detect quite a big number of a geneti ...
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