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Response to Intervention

The case study shows how response to intervention might work in preschools. Possible advantages, problem areas, and practice implications are discussed.
The promise of a response to intervention (RTI) framework stems from its focus on prevention, empirically based and sequentially designed interventions, progress monitoring, and data-based decision making. Prevention is used in two ways: (a) long-term prevention of risk and (b) specific prevention of challenging behaviors through instructional and antecedent environmental interventions (e.g., Neilsen & McEvoy, 2004). Building on discussions of RTI as a broad-spectrum model (e.g., Batsche et al., 2005), one that encompasses variables to reduce social and academic risks, this article presents RTI as a potential method of answering preschool service delivery questions.
Following a presentation of a context for challenging behaviors and a RTI model that includes strategies for addressing early risk indicators, a case study demonstrates its application in a Head Start setting. Advantages, challenges, and role implications are discussed.
In the present use, challenging refers to inappropriate, disturbing, or harmful behaviors that might be pervasive social excesses or deficits, sit ...
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Response to intervention is a framework for organizing planned sequences of prevention and empirically validated interventions ordered by intensity. Plans might increase or decrease in intensity depending on risk status and outcomes. If interventions are well sequenced and technically adequate, these outcomes can be interpreted (with other sources) as evaluation data concerning educational needs…
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