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Forestry Commission

The isolated rural of England, Scotland, and Wales consisted of three thousand employees made it even more difficult to integrate changes. (McCann, 2003, p. 948.)
The leaders in charge had been accustomed to doing things the old way. Some realized that in order to implement change and to train their workforce, they had to change themselves. This was necessary in order to create teamwork instead of orders coming down from up top without the involvement of others. (McCann, 2003, p. 948.) The author reports that a manager in Forest District B stated that he realized that in order to create an environment that was team-based, he had to change himself. (McCann, 2003, p. 950.)
Consultants helped managers analyze their own attitudes and behaviors. It was believed that at every level, the organizational culture was one of blame and that managers and their workforce would point the finger at everyone else. Leadership events were coordinated to help all transition from the old way of doing things to the new way. Regardless of these efforts, some managerial still refused to change and some even quit. Fifteen selected to retire early and some managers were moved to other posts. (McCann, 2003, p. 948.)
Due to the company's extremely hierarchical system, some were skeptical and even reluctant to change. ...
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The Forestry Commission of Great Britain (FC) needed to change their focus from traditional economic role of forestry, which involved strategies to produce timber and to provide jobs for rural residents, to a more "service-led" role to meet the needs of the community…
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