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Exam, Culture

Colonialism has few advantages like it is an expansion of religion, culture and expansion of country. While disadvantage is law enforcement, may result in unrest.
The term Orientalism appeared in 19th century, it is the study which colonial powers do, so that they fully understand the culture of the area to be ruled, in order to have full knowledge of their lifestyle and language to have full control. Orientalism is the scholarly perception of Asians in West. The orient became a western concept, Orientalism a tool to control and manipulate. For example, when British ruled India they never let Hindus and Muslim come closer to each other because they always had religious differences, while British used the policy of divide and rule.
No culture of the world has the power of remain same; every culture is prone to changes. Some people in a culture may remain use the traditional way of living but not everybody in culture has this strong control. So when culture inherently allows changes, the elements of culture keep changing slowly or in result to correspond to pre-industrial societies. Next, change can take place even if some important cultural elements still evolve slowly. Generally speaking, societies in transition to industrialization, colonialism or imperialism have this type of cultures. So this kind of cultures has allowed notable changes during the last 25 years. ...
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Culture is not just norms, values, belief, things and ways of being but how such things, values and ways of being are interpreted and brought to conscious awareness through routing communication and social practice. Culture is both a source and resource (noun).
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