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Nazi Germany

The signing of the treaty by the Weimar Republic head led to a revolution by the Germans. Also, this new government, the Democratic or Weimar Republic was not accepted well among the Germans, partly due to its resistance to democratic rule after being ruled by kings for a long time and their lack of trust in it due to it's supposedly anti-German decisions.
Post World War I, Germany's economy was in shambles due to the Treaty of Versailles. They had to pay their debts to their Allies, so they borrowed from other countries and were able to recover soon. Also, the Allies put forth a reparation plan which resulted in a free economy which resulted in the people opposing the government more vehemently. This opposition resulted in the fall of Weimar Republic and the rise of the communist parties and the Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler.
By 1933, Germany's economy strengthened and the German army which was not loyal to the government, once again became very strong under Seeckt. There was also a strong nationalist thought rising among them. These nationalist parties gained loyalty from the army and the Nazi party which was striving on these ideals came to absolute power in 1933.
Guisepi observes that Hitler's hatred of poverty, his devotion to his German heritage and his loathing of Jews all formed his political perspective or doctrine (2001). ...
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Germany also known as the Third Reich is famous for its historical significance in Europe due to its expansionist policies (Wikipedia contributor, 2009). It is also among the Axis of war. Due to its defeat in World War I, it faced the worst economic and political crisis of the times…
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