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Driving Safety among Middle-Aged Drivers - Essay Example

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Traffic crashes and vehicle accident crashes are frequently happening all over the world. People are losing their lives in many of those accidents and with development of economy in most countries, the number of fatal accidents keep constantly increasing. There can be several factors that can lead to fatal accident…

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Driving Safety among Middle-Aged Drivers

Hence, a remedial driver's safety course becomes mandatory for them (Evans 108-126)
It can be said that, most of the young people in the world get to know about the world soon and start driving as soon as they become legal to do so. At a young age, the youthfulness stirs them to take the road of riskier driving. At the age of 25 to 40, people generally tend to be more concise of their safety. But still, due to risky life styles and with addiction to alcohol and other drugs, their safety too comes under question. They become wary of life and a sense of overconfidence about their driving comes into them. Apart from the accidents, many of the people tend to neglect their safety measures while driving and once caught with the authorities, they get their license suspended. So, in order to revitalize these middle aged men, it is important to provide these safety-forgotten drivers a course where they could refresh themselves on driving safety and continue to drive safely. (Evans 108-126)
When people are young, their health is up and running and they are well aware of their safety measures, thought they would not follow it in most cases. As age progresses, people tend to get more mature and more experienced with viewing several accidents and they would care about their safety measures. ...
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