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Social Contract

Yet a system of recognized rules and specific regulatory procedures for dealing with unacceptable behavior is needed to prevent violence, exploitation, and pollution. Society would be more guarded and untrusting, since there is no recourse if someone wrongs you. The goal of the legal system is to have consequences that apply to everyone to keep order and fairness, while avoiding vigilantism and corruption.
There are different avenues an individual can take if they are suspected of committing a crime. Laws are sometimes enforced unevenly, creating distrust among groups of people who are over represented in the jail system. The people who run the justice system are bound to make errors in judgment or receive inaccurate facts- from the police to lawyers, judges and jurors, and politician. This does not mean the entire system should be eliminated or ignored, but that you as an individual should act within the law or work to change the law with elected officials. You do this because if you were to be the victim of a robbery or reckless driving, you would want the responsible party to have consequences and pay restitution in some way.
Living in a society in which most other people follow the law, and those that don't are usually punished, enforces the social contract an individ ...Show more


What is the citizens' obligation to the state and why does such an obligation exist Parents enter their children into a contract with the state when they attain a birth certificate and a social security number for them. Adults are granted privileges within the state they belong to, such as being able to vote, speak freely, and own property…
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