The Adoption Of Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated marketing communications has come to be regarded as the perfect marketing strategy for the companies of today. Many of the leading multinationals have lately incorporated this strategy into their operations. After the analysis and careful consideration of all its pros and cons, ABC Advertising has also decided to adopt IMC (integrated marketing communications).


Integrated marketing communications is a marketing strategy that is extremely common-sense. IMC is an emerging concept. Therefore, it does not as yet have theoretical framework that is mutually accepted by all academicians or scholars. A number of scholars, however, are contributing to the building of a theory base. That is, in the rapidly changing advertising environment now found in many countries, there has been an inevitable calling for a more coordinated and systematized marketing communication concept and approach, which have often taken the form of Integrated Marketing Communications. Integrated marketing communications has been defined as a management philosophy (Stewart, 1996), an educational movement (Hutton, 1996), and a unifying business practice (Burnett and Moriarty, 1998), among others (cf. Stewart, 1996).
These inconsistencies in defining and measuring IMC have prevented the development of a cohesive research stream in this area. ...
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