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Training Manuals at Strident Marks

Through its IPO, the company exposes itself to public scrutiny and speculation. The company's decision to venture into other profitable products further requires a finance department which will ensure that only those lucrative investments are pursued. Thus, the role of its finance department becomes more emphasized.
The training module which will be given to members of that functional area should be designed so as to guide the new employees in conducting valuation analysis. It is recommended that the training module be composed of three distinct parts: the role of the financial department in attaining the goals and objectives of Strident Marks; the different valuation techniques and their applications; and including qualitative issues in valuation analysis.
This paper believes that in order for the employees to appreciate their jobs, they should be able to place themselves within the organization. It is imperative that the training manual shows especially to the new employees their essential role in the organization. Doing this will further boost the morale of the employees and motivate them to do their jobs. Seeing one's place in the organization will enhance the commitment of employees specially the new ones.
The next two parts will be the ...
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In any business organization, the finance department is always instrumental health and performance of the business organization. It should be noted that the finance department is often involved in ensuring that company's resources are channeled to the profitable investments…
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