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Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

It is also widely supported that, the use of sheltered instructions is very effective where the language used is a secondary language. Learners will be able to relate the display and presented concepts to the image and graphics shown and also relate it to terms in there first language. Each student will be conveyed the same message in varied form. Moreover, SIOP should be made adaptable to classes and topics where learners will be able to easily make relevant association to real life concepts.
However, Freeman & Freeman (1998) indicate a number of shortcomings with SI: teachers often sacrifice academic content to meet the language needs of their students, teachers lack training in implementing sheltered instruction, students who do well in sheltered classes often flounder when mainstreamed, and students of differing ability levels are often relegated to the same sheltered class (pp. 39-40). It is to be understood that if the levels of the learners are varied that is a mixed ability class configuration the strategies should be hybrid in nature and SIOP may not be valid. Students will undeniably have varied levels though in the same class. ...
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The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol presents a series of well defined teaching-based strategies associated to educationally acceptable objectives. This comprehensive research domain focuses on promoting a high quality education by favouring some innovative teaching techniques and framework that guides instructors and administrative staff…
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