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Essay example - Principles of Structural Design

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Despite the great developments in civil engineering and architecture science, structural failures continue to occur, often accompanied by great human and economic loss. This paper is intended to introduce the subject of failure analysis and familiarize you with the principles of structural design…

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Analysis of a structural collapse involves the study of the basic architectural principles, properties and operation of the different components of the structure, as well as knowledge of different possible causes of structural failure.
The Seongsu Bridge is 11th bridge constructed over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. Construction of this cantilever bridge was set about on April 9, 1977 and completed on October 15, 1979, 2 years and 6 months later. It was a four-lane bridge with 19.4m width and 1,160.8m length [20].
It became infamous when it collapsed on October 21, 1994. The bridge collapsed early in the morning when one of its concrete slabs fell in to river due to a failure of the suspension structure. Around 07:40 hours on October 21, 1994, Seongsu Bridge connecting Seongsu-dong and Apgujeong-dong of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, collapsed. The slab (48 m) between the fifth and the sixth leg of the Bridge collapsed so 32 people died and 17 people were injured while they were on the way to office or school.
Seongsu Bridge is one part of arterial road that connects the Kanan district which is residential section in the southern in Seoul City and city center of Seoul City, and its has a lot of traffic volume. The steel truss digit division where the accident occurred was the 672m length, and it was one of the suspension digits of the center part. ...
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