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Developmental Stages Paper - Essay Example

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The developmental stages of the years of early childhood ranges from age 3 to 7, and are characterized by dramatic gains in cognitive skills along with broad new strides in children's abilities to understand all aspects of the biological, psychological and physical world around them…

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Developmental Stages Paper

The acquisition of counting things along with language opens new avenues for sophisticated social and intellectual interaction, while at the same time supplying the scaffolding more sophisticated levels of reasoning about the abstract concepts and ideas that are conveyed most effectively in words or in numbers.
Close interconnections exist among processes of social domains of child development. Not only do tests of children's cognition and moral reasoning take place in social settings, but the topics that exercise the growth of intelligence are social to be a very important degree. As toddlers attachment brings about special social relationships with particular people, a process that will have lasting significance for intimate relationships throughout life.
During childhood, intimate bonds to parents and familiar caregivers continue to exert a major influence upon the offspring's psychological development. However, with the young child's transition out of the family into primary school, parental social influences are joined in a direct or indirect manner by social influences from the child's peer group. One reason for this might be the effective learning due to competitive significance on which the parents are counting. ...
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