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Language is the tool for expression of thought. This is the central idea whereby this paper is conceived, since we want to establish the role that language play in the process of thinking.
My family have been blessed with opportunity and a particular fascination with travelling, my mother works for a magazine company and she writes articles about the places she visits while my father works for an executive corporation that practically has offices in almost all major cities in Asia. We do family trips every summer and this year we visited Shanghai, one of my memorable trips in the Far East. One of the things I immediately notice, the first day we arrived is that the city was "buzzing" with different kinds of noise. Their streets were as busy as the time square in New York, and most of the people drive bicycle to get them to their destination. I had difficulty going around town since most of them only speak their "native tongue" and there were few people who can converse in English. I had to cut my first day short and went back to our hotel to "catch some sleep". ...
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The ability and capacity to formulate, organize and store thought processes is a skill that is inherent in human beings. Man uses his brain almost all the time in whatever he does, no matter how routinely the job may be. Thinking or cognition is a developmental skill that begins in the early stages of life, this enables observation, elicits feeling and experiencing the several theories that governs life…
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