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The Art of the El Camino

The dimensional texture of her outline, unrivaled in the automotive world, sets this automobile a world apart. It is a masterpiece of art, in a class of its own, and there is nothing on earth more deserving to preserve than the 1971 El Camino.
The beauty of the 1971 El Camino, a welcome addition to any art, does not in itself automatically grant it that most noble of titles "Art". It does, however, grab the viewer's attention long enough to see beyond the surface and discover the story behind the art. Reflecting the history of the era of its creation, the 1971 El Camino pulls us back to the turmoil of the times. 1971 was a year of massive conflict and the El Camino reflects the troubled past while predicting a rapidly changing future. Is it a truck, or is it a car The El Camino suffered the same lack of direction that the American public confronted. We had lost our space age zeal and lust for aerodynamic design. We were moving into a sleeker, more refined future and the El Camino was pulling us. Refined lines, a healthier profile, and a look that gives you the feeling of impending motion even at a standstill.
Pablo Picasso once stated that, "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth" (qtd. in "Pablo Picasso Quotes") Art forces us to imagine how things may be, and believe how things could be. ...
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From the moment you see her flawless lines and flowing body you realize that this was a creation of inspired Gods. Her scant vinyl top accentuates the sheepish grin that innocently hides the pulsating power inside. As with all great art, you are immediately struck with a breathless awe and stare uncontrollably as your mind tries to wrap around its inner meaning…
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