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Case Study example - Harassment at Work

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Case Study
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The law review article on Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins available at FindLaw is conclusively relevant and suitable in the context of the Collins scenario, as it analyzes in detail the laws pertaining to the gender and sex discrimination at work place.
The relevant background information about the Collins fact pattern is readily available at the Cornell University Law School's website on the Supreme Court collection…

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The plaintiff, Alisha alleged that her employer discriminated against her on the basis of her sex, by failing to restore her to her position, after she took a leave owing to complications with her pregnancy. This case shares some of the circumstances that are similar to the Collins case.
Betty Cattino sued her former employers Genesis Healthcare for discriminating against her because of her sex and for the violation of Equal Pay Act. This particular case also has close affiliations with the Collins case.
After conducting the research on the case under consideration by the sneaky method, one comes to the conclusion that Shepardizing is a much more organized and time efficient method of conducting legal research. This becomes peculiarly evident from the extreme variation in the results derived from the two suggested methods of research. Shepardizing saves a lot of inconvenience and hassle involved in conducting legal research. Especially the CLAR method of Shepardizing provided by Lexis cuts short the botheration and confusion involved in looking for the text of the document that cited a particular case by using keywords. ...
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