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Essay example - Media and Communication

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Foucault has made heuristic contributions to the understanding of the role of media and communication in Western cultures. As Foucault was prolific writer of high statute, it is not easy to provide clear picture of Foucault's understanding of media and communication by extracting his concrete observations out of the context of his targeted analysis…

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Such technologies are not created simply along with the general progress of humanity as Marx believed. Rather, dominating and oppressive technologies which enable media and communication are not produced automatically or instantaneously but produces as a result of specific discursive formations which not only fashions knowledge in terms of its own logic but also constitutes the way of thinking itself.
It is through the process of 'rationalisation', the term commonly associated with German philosopher Max Weber, Western model of capitalism became dominant over the entire surface of earth. In terms of governance, art and science, modern capitalism is uniquely based on rationalisation and subsequent mechanisation. The process of rationalisation is merely an embodiment of instrumental reason to which, in the epoch of modernity, human beings are subsumed. Foucault (1970) is of the view that modern social institutions are not only rational structures but also mechanisms for reproducing instrument rationality.
Questioning the totality of deterministic meta-narrative histories, Foucault presents an idea of fragmented histories of 'strata'. ...
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