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Global Network Strategies (Geography of Transport Systems)

However, this does not mean that regional and national centers will cease to exist. Some products still require a three-tier distributing that consists of regional, national as well as international centers. Network structure is adapted in order to meet the requirements of IFT demand. This can adapt numerous forms operating at various scales.
There are various strategies employed in distribution networks. The choice of one strategy over the other mainly depends on the nature of the cargo and the environment it is operated from. They include point to point distribution, corridor structures of distribution, hub and spoke networks, fixed routing networks and Flexible Routing networks.
This is usually used when there is need for satisfaction of specialized and specific one time orders. This often leads to the creation of empty return problems and less than full load. This structure requires minimal logistics but the efficiency is compromised.
A good example of point to point network is the point to point transportation system. This system transports containers from one location to a second address. It consists of a transport channel, propeller, operator, numerous containers and an operative communication. The controller is configured to receive instructions for transport between the locations. ...
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Movement of information, goods and people is a very essential component of humanity. Many economic activities require great mobility and accessibility. Societies greatly depend on transport systems for supporting a various activities that include distribution, energy supply and commuting…
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