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Essay example - Comparing Feminism and Marxism

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Marxism is a political theory, which is inspired by the work of Karl Marx and believes in the equality of mankind, without the differences of social classes. Feminism is a theory, which believes in equality of men and women. In a way, both are related, as both believes in the equality and fight against injustice.

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The Marxists disagree on few things and one of those things is the scale to which they see a worker's revolution as the way of achieving human liberation and illumination and also the methods by which such revolution can occur in real. Marxism is sometimes described as 'Socialism'. According to some Marxists, the real and full Marxists principles were never implemented in any country; however, socialist countries implemented some part of Marxism.
According to Karl Marx, a particular class of a society exploits the other class and according to him, this attitude in the society is the result of capitalism and free market. Marx defined the profit as the difference between the value of the product made by the laborer and the actual salary or the wage, which the laborer receives. He lighted his point that in Capitalist economy, money is earned by paying fewer wage to laborers, but profit is not moderated in terms of risks vs. return.
According to Marx, people are getting away from their nature and natural behavior, and he accused capitalism for this. In capitalist economy, all benefits are being transferred to the employers and employees get a very low share out of the profit. Like this, employer is actually taking the advantages, which are earned by the hardworking laborers1. ...
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