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Benefits and Contributions of ICT to Educational Sector

Wisdom (2002) states that students have been equipped with the necessary ICT education which they will need in their future careers and education. They are able gain several computer based learning approaches as well as computer aided learning as well as research and development. This has made students to have the ability to make better decisions regarding their future education and careers due to better information and is now in a position to take part in global resource-sharing.
Through the internet, students can now access information about higher education in oversees universities that offer the best education. These universities have posited their information related to all courses they offer and their costs thus the aspiring students can easily get wide selection of courses as their passion and capability. They can still use the internet for distance learning which cuts down education expenses (Preston & Hammond, 2004).
ICT has also enabled the teachers to advance their level of education through e-leaning. Through the internet services the teachers are able to access education in universities and colleges by accessing learning materials and exams in the internet. They therefore advance their skills and knowledge while still carrying the normal teaching duties. ...
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Currently the role played by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), more so the internet in the sector of education is quit crucial especially in enacting more technological power to the activities of the education sector. It has promoted the learning culture in learning institutions (Andrews, 2004) .Students have been able to create and post blogs and websites in the internet…
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