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Why is Face to Face Selling Important in a Time when Technology is Seemingly Important

When you are starting out small, you are probably going to have to do a lot of selling in order to jump-start your business. Your effectiveness as a salesperson will be an absolutely critical factor in the success of your business. Later, as your business grows and prospers, you may be able to delegate more and more of the selling process to your employees. The majority of the products and services being sold business to business, as well as many sold to consumers, require a personal sales talk.
Now, one disadvantage of selling by telephone or any other high-tech means is the lack of face-to-face contact (Wiersema, 1996). When you are sitting with a prospect, it's much easier to read their body language. You can see the look on their face when their confused about something you said. You can see the delight when you hit a hot button for them. You can read the shifts in their body as they respond to your every word. Non-verbal communication is missing when you sell by phone or by e-mail.
Selling over the phone or any other non face-to-face means puts you at a huge disadvantage because numerous studies have shown that 55% of what we communicate is non-verbal. ...
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Face-to-face selling can require a lot of time, energy, and expense, but the payoff can be tremendous. Despite all of the new high-technology alternatives, an in-person sales presentation is the single most powerful marketing tool in use today. National television advertising, telemarketing, e-mail, or print advertising have nowhere near the ability to motivate a particular customer to actually place an order as face-to-face selling…
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