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Women in business nowadays and the past

Stereotyping against women is a common trait around the business world. Yet, everybody should realize that a woman is in no way inferior to man and she can very well handle the pressures and stressful life of the business. Handling a family with the work is no easy job and many women in today's age are not just balancing work and family life, rather they are integrating it.
The business world is getting infused with a diverse workforce day by day. The trend towards being an equal opportunity employer is rising. More and more women are being hired in today's corporate world. And the differences between men and women are being sorted out as women take on as many as 25% of top level managerial posts in successful organizations. Therefore, the composition of males and females in the workforce of a typical organization has changed. Yet men still possess a significant amount of decision making in their hands. Whether it is the power to hire and fire or to access financial resources, men are always given the advantage over women. But if businesses are to reach their highest potential, they need to make full use of women by accepting the fact that they are different from men and are not inferior to them in any way.1
Approaches to conflict: When it comes to a conflict, men usually consider it a healt ...
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Woman - a symbol of delicacy yet the most powerful being created by nature. The woman has been the figure who has always been underestimated for her capabilities and talents but she always proves everybody wrong in excelling with whatever she does. Be it be the home or the office, the women has shown that she can manage each and everything that she is made responsible of…
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