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contemporary social problems paper

These concerns are real social problems that the nation faces at present.
There have been significant changes in the population growth since 1967 and it has been unevenly distributed, since 1970, with growth in the South and West, and loss in the other areas. This will result in many types of social problems. Already there are many problems like increased traffic congestion, proliferation of foreign language TV channels, expansion in the number of professional teams and so on. These are minor issues compared to the more serious issues connected with environment, education system, health care system, political system and others.
The racial and ethnic disparities that the US is facing put the nation in great distress. The difference in these areas can turn up as decisive factor in the making up of the modern civility. The life in the nation is conditioned by the racial and ethnic group one belongs to. There is now a substantial gap between the minority and the White which can result in the social unrest as well. The minority that is growing at a fast rate will hold increasing share of the future work, resulting in the social imbalance. ...
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One of the most serious problems that the world is facing today is that of demographic explosion. In the particular case of the US, there are various social changes that are related to the changes in population it is experiencing today. The symposium held in Washington, DC, on Oct 5, 2006 highlighted the various challenges and the prospects of this milestone in America's history…
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