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The need for organizational topologies is fairly evident in the world today as they assist in reducing the complexities associated with multinational enterprises to an extent that these become rather manageable. One of the most essential characteristic is that these can be used as an instrument to stimulate opinions, thinking processing and judgments on alternate directions in which decision makers can run their organizations.


Technologies, organizational tactics, goals and targets, decision making process, management and leadership styles, environment, cognitive preferences are some examples.
Multinational organizations have several reasons for global growth and expansion as they want to boost competitive advantage, with terms like polycentric, Geocentric, Ethnocentric, Multidomestic, International, Global and Transnational are usually used to symbolize different types of Multinational corporations. This can be useful in diminishing the complication of multinational firms and it can also be used in a creative and productive manner if meaningful organizational typologies are discovered (David C, 2008). The classical examples of such models are the fast food chains (KFC, McDonalds, Buger King, Pizza Hut), cellular firms (Motorola, NOKIA, Samsung), automobile industry (Toyota, Honda, Misubishi), etc.
Particularly, the International management include a wide range of authors have categorized subsidiaries in accordance with the development and roles assigning different typologies to separate individual group. ...
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