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Critical Thinking paper in Health Care

When he was experienced the creativity decreases, which makes him apply his known and time tested strategies and techniques he found successful. This is in general but not be certainly
Work setting depends upon nature of work and work place. If the nature of work is individual one has enough free hand to set it according to his convenience. For instance, a teacher in a school can work according to his own plan and setting regarding his duties in class room and correction of Answer sheets. But in the case of a marketing executive it depends on his superiors, subordinates and the clients he has to meet and melt. When it comes to the work in a back office it depends on the work culture of that office and the nature and pace of doing work of his colleagues. The situation is different in case of front office. There, the work setting depends upon the people they meet and talk. All the aforesaid cases are the instances of subordinate services.
If one has to lead a team (smaller or bigger) he has to plan every thing in advance and must be able to guide his team mates. Here the work setting needs a good home work, alertness and planning. When one member abstains from work or will take leave, the work setting depends on the team leader. ...
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The problems encountered in work setting and work place will be of different type depending on different situations; nature of work and situation, circumstances and place of work, person facing the problem and people around him. The strategies that were adopted to solve the problems originate from the necessity the person faces…
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