Internet Forensics Based On Evidence Gathered With Peep Attacks

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The Peep attack is a variant application of a Botnet. This paper proposes a forensic procedure to analyze the attack behavior and explains how to carry out a computer crime investigation. We also discuss the well-known Botnets engaged in the execution of a Peep attack.


It is crucial to swiftly preserve digital evidence and conduct forensic analysis that any useful evidence is seized soon after the cybercrime has been committed. Furthermore, there are two phases of digital forensic analysis to retrieve useful evidence when facing a cybercrime attack in our scheme. One phase observes the Internet attack action, and the other one introduces how to investigate each case in on-line analysis of sniffing packets and off-line examination of abnormal files. We believe that this analysis model is workable for any other form of Botnets presently being used.
Cybercrime has been cited as one of the most prevalent problems in society. The vast majority of investigators perceive this crime to be on the rise and of becoming an ever increasingly complex and multi-faceted problem. This paper attempts to clarify the complex investigation effort following a Peep attack. We describe evidence collection and problem-solving techniques in the application of computer forensic analyses. A Peep attack is one of the most notorious hacking tools, based on the Robot Network (Botnet) Structure. A Botnet is a term for a collection of zombie systems and autonomous software robots. The threat from Botnets is growing at an alarming rate and the attack techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. ...
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