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Essay example - Sociological Motivations for Recruitment in Terrorist Groups

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Terrorism is a global phenomenon and every country, society is affected by terrorism. To define terrorism we can say that the unlawful use or threatened use of, force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives…

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Hence every country has used different methods to combat and recruit terrorist groups. People, and governments in almost every sphere of life are working to reduce terrorism "security, prevention, and suppression of terrorism, legal and ethnic dilemmas regarding democratic issues, such as the individual's human rights, as well as social and psychological and media related issues" (The Counter Terrorism Puzzle: A Guide For Decision Makers). Even though with increasing steps taken to oppose terrorism many innocent people are joining terrorist groups, thus increasing terrorist activities an example of this can be the increase in suicide bombing. Therefore to diminish terrorism we need to know the reasons because of which a person joins a terrorist group.
The reasons or motivations can be divided into two broad categories the psychological reasons and the sociological reasons. In psychological we will discuss the mental health leading to terrorism while in sociological we will evaluate how society, norms, crises result in leading an individual to terrorist groups.
Marxists is a sociologist and according to him all violence should not be rejected. "The bourgeois politicians who make such claims, while supporting wars, nuclear weapons, armies, prisons, etc are simply hypocrites". ...
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